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To give folks more time, more space and more joy by offering decluttering services,
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Let us come to you. Personalized declutter sessions guaranteed to get the job done at $105 per hour.


Come see us. Three signature services that are your gateway to a decluttered life, each forty minutes for $40.


Coming soon: a selection of curated organization products handpicked by our team of Bneato Bar Pros.

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wedding diy

the one big idea to save your sanity when planning a wedding

A few weeks ago, I was taking a trip to the East Coast for a friend’s wedding. My husband and I landed in Boston and we carpooled to a lovely resort in Vermont with another couple – let’s call them Peter and Mary – who are dear friends of ours. The drive to Vermont was […]

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the great wedding debate: where and what to register for

Until I got engaged, I had no idea how much pressure there was around the couples wedding registry. First of all, you have to actually think about where you’re going to register (yes, this is very important). Believe me, there are entire blog posts devoted to telling the bride and groom where not to register. […]

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wedding time

DIY, renting & buying – save time designing your wedding

DIY weddings have become very popular over the last few years in response to the rising costs and also in thanks to the special knowledge-sharing power of Pinterest. As a recent budget bride myself and someone who considers herself rather crafty, going DIY was very appealing. However, I learned that maintaining sanity while working with my family […]

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