I’m embarrassed. My name is Beth Penn and I watch way too much TV.

I also check my Instagram feed way too much. Duuuuuuuuuuuude. I’m done. No more Real Housewives (apologies, Andy Cohen, but it has to be this way). I wonder how I’m going to break the news to my hubster about the upcoming season of Big Brother as the show is on like three times a week. (And then there’s our fantasy league to consider…) If you’re wondering, I do watch other things that are ‘good for you,’ as they say, but then I think: are they really? Once the season is over, I have a hard time remembering what even happened and have to scour recaps of the previous season of House of Cards before the new season drops.

It makes me curious. Why the heck do we want to distract ourselves so darn much? On my time tracker log (the exercise I had you do in last month’s newsletter), I marked an ‘X’ for each time I distracted myself with surfing the web,  Instagram, or checking email when I didn’t need to. IT WAS RELENTLESS. Sometimes I feel like the world is on one crazy amusement park ride and instead of it coming to a child-friendly stop, we’re all gonna get thrown off. Watch this clip from Broad City and I think you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about. Why do we need distraction? In my case, my social media intake goes up when I’m bored or anxious about something, or after a long day I find myself plopping in front of the TV because I’m unable to move.

We do all of these things because we’re used to doing them. And doing something different often means creating anxiety and being uncomfortable. But what’s the tradeoff for all this distraction? Ten years from now, I won’t be enriched from watching RHOBH. Calculating the hours spent made me realize how much time I waste and how much I don’t want to be wasting it anymore. I’d like to see what life is like on the other side of all the distractions. For those of you who did the time tracking exercise with me— I’m curious if it helped you discover new ways to save time. Drop me a line or share your findings over on the Bneato Bar FB page. I’d love to have some partners in crime to commiserate with.

Which brings us to this: how to plan your day using Google Keep (jeez guys, why did you let me ramble for so long)? Because more reading might hurt your brain,here’s a screencast I made just for you on how it works. Google Keep, meet some rad folks that are about to use you to plan the heck out of their days.

Beth and the Bneato Bar Team

P.S. No one has come up with another word for time management… Tess (one of the Bneato Bar Pros) did point me to this article where they use the phrase “Attention Management” but I’m still searching for something with a little more zing!

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