Stationary is one of those things that always catches my eye; be it at a bookstore, craft fair, or on someone’s fridge, I’m always tempted to lean in, admire the graphic and quirky text, and consider adding it to my collection (this includes begging a friend for a card her grandma sent her. I clearly have no shame when it comes to collecting).

You know how they say it’s better to give than to receive? Well when it comes to stationary, I’m one of those people that buys cute cards and stationary paper with the intention of sending it to someone, but more often than not, I end up keeping it for myself in my stationary drawer; yes, I have a drawer, not a box or a folder, an ENTIRE drawer #addicted. In a recent quest to harbor my ever-growing paper collection for good, I took out a set of colorful fine-tipped pens (how many do you have, by the way?) and started writing letters to everyone I thought would appreciate some snail mail. After 7 notes, my hand hurt (apparently  I’m much faster at texting than handwriting).  I have to say, minus the hand cramping, it was very meditative to reflect on recent experiences and decide what was worth sharing with my recipient. I also realized: if I buy a set of stationary, I better have something specific in mind for its use.

Here are some suggestions to keep your stationary collection under control:

  • Find the perfect birthday card for your dad…just 9 months before his birthday? You’re the #bestdaughterever, congrats. Store it somewhere you’ll remember, and set an alarm on your Google Calendar or iCal a few weeks before the special day to remind yourself you’ve got the perfect card already.
  • Thank you cards are always a good thing to have on hand, I won’t ding you for that one.
  • Stationary sets including paper, stickers, envelopes, and all the bells and whistles: Yes, these are super tempting, but unless you are a super-duper pen pal, it’s also going to take you forever to use up.
  • Buy stationary for the experience of using it, and make sure you have enough occasions to use it before adding to your collection.

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