At-Home Services

Time, space and joy. That’s what you have in spades when you live the decluttered life.
By removing the things that don’t matter and shedding light (sometimes literally) on the things that do, you recapture these three elements in life. By getting more time, space and joy, you’re empowered to do more of whatever it is you love to do – and getting you that is what we do best.

Consultations are complimentary. Let’s talk and create a plan to make your home so much better.

About Bneato Bar At-Home Services

We help hack your situation to get to the root of your clutter challenges resulting in a greater sense of well-being.
Whether it’s your stuff, paper, or even your email inbox that’s slowing you down, we work one-on-one with you to get back control.
Once we get to know more about you and your project, we’ll set you up one of our Bneato Bar Pros that matches your project best.

House Proud

Whether it’s your kitchen, garage, closet, or home office with piles of paperwork, we’ll get into any space that’s stressing you out. Our decluttering techniques are designed to uncover square footage you never knew you had.

Moving Ninja

Movers can get your stuff from A to B, but finding a proper place for everything is a whole other thing. We save you the headache and oodles of time by doing the thinking and unpacking for you.

Naked Inbox

In this digital age, clutter follows us everywhere, but email doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be a chore. Armed with apps and tricks of the trade, we’ll transform your inbox and make it easier to manage moving forward.

Time Hacker

Time doesn’t have to be the enemy. We help clean out the clutter in your schedule by working on time management in an über personalized way, creating a plan with apps and resources that work for you.

Contact us if you feel like…

  • You’re holding onto things you don’t even like
  • You could be doing better
  • You can’t get past your Achilles heel
  • You can’t get past the distracting noise in your head
  • You have recurring thoughts of doing it yourself but it never gets done
  • You suffer from missed opportunities

We hear from our clients…

  • “This has set off a chain reaction.”
  • “I have newfound pride.”
  • “I’m much better at completing tasks that I used to procrastinate on.”
  • “I am now paying attention to my environment.”
  • “It’s so helpful to have someone else navigate and prioritize.”

Enough chit-chat. Let’s do this.

Send us a note for your free consultation. We’ll create a personalized service package just for you.

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