6 Essential Tips for Being Eco-Friendly and Organized

When you’re finally fed up with your clutter and ready to get rid of every last scrap, the simple solution would be tossing it all in one huge garbage bag and taking it to the curb. But simple doesn’t always mean smart, and making rash decisions when it comes to clutter can oftentimes start the […]

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How to Not Be a Baby Clothes Hoarder

I am not the sentimental type when it comes to keeping stuff. I digitized most of my memorabilia before our move to NYC and have felt all lighter for it. And then I had a BABY. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be overly sentimental about keeping the little one’s clothes. But […]

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MakeSpace: My Experience

I’m going to bore you with some details. My husband is a TV writer (he thinks this affords him the ability to not put away his clothes). He is mistaken. I mention his work because it has affected our lives in a major way the past two years. Remember this shoot for Real Simple? Well the […]

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Before and After: A Closet Room Creation for The Hollywood Reporter

My friend, Abby Stone (what a great name, right?) called me on November 5th of last year. She wanted to talk closets. Specifically, doing a make-over of a closet for The Hollywood Reporter. I was excited. Closet makeovers are my fave (besides email decluttering and time management). And maybe kitchen pantries… The spin for the story […]

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Oh heyyyy! I wanted to give you a quick update from us; consider it a delayed 2016 recap of sorts… and happenings for 2017! Bneato Bar, while busy serving our clients in Los Angeles and afar has been pretty MIA on social media. And it’s not that I don’t love social media. I do. Sometimes […]

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This is how I hope I feel when I go wifi freeeeee!

phone free weekends…

It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve returned from The Unique Camp – a creative business summit held up in Big Bear. I have found the experience impossible to put into words – even though it’s all I could talk about the week after I returned home. My husband and friends all nodded their heads with […]

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Real Simple May 2016

did you spot me in Real Simple Magazine?!!

I have never been so excited (ok, maybe when Adam and I got engaged and the day we got married are stiff competition) but still, this is pretty epic. Real Simple came to our house back in December (ages ago) and shot it for the May FEATURE. EEEEEP. I’m not sure who is the bigger […]

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minimalism book, yo!

Hello world!! I am in the final stages of writing a book proposal about minimalism. For a lot of folks, minimalism sounds scary. I chalk that up to ‘the fear of the unknown.’ Your neighbors just don’t realize how accessible, life changing and FUN the minimalist lifestyle can be. This book aims to show boatloads […]

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Upgrade Your Home: Room & Board Giveaway

Well hello and a happy November to you all! I have been gearing up for what I’m about to tell you for a few months so I’m stoked to finally share some deets. Yours truly will be laying down the organizing law at one of my favorite showrooms for modern furniture, Room & Board on […]

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the one thing your inbox number tells me

Like a crystal ball, your email inbox count can tell me a lot about you as a person… (oh how I wish that was true). Your inbox number can really only tell me how many emails you do (or don’t) have in your email inbox. A lot of emails in your inbox doesn’t necessarily mean you’re […]

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