Be Content

We’ve heard all the quotes, “You are not your stuff,” “less is more,” “simplicity is bliss.” I repeat, tweet and pin these inspirational one liners all day long. The truth is however, even as a relatively organized person, I constantly struggle with attachment to stuff and a desire for more. It’s a natural tendency and […]

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stress free, with TSA pre

If you’ve traveled regularly or seen the film Up In the Air, your intimately familiar with the trials and tribulations of the frequent flyer. Long lines at customs and airport security are like the traffic on the 405. For the most part, no matter who you are or where you’re going, if you’re stuck, you’re […]

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creating balance by scheduling your to-do list

With summer’s end rapidly approaching, and one more holiday on the horizon, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about creating balance by scheduling your to-do list. Whether you’re a go-getter, always on the move, or more low-key, and home bound, it’s quite common to get overwhelmed this time of year. With kids rushing […]

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unpacking from a summer of travel

I hope for all of you that a summer of traveling meant long, luxurious days basking in the sun on a remote island, sipping martinis while being massaged by Ryan Gossling. For most of us however, the marker for a great summer vacay is everyone home in one piece. You’ve battled the security lines and […]

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