our beliefs

Bneato Bar. So Much Better.

Our mission is to give folks more time, more space and more joy by offering decluttering
services, curated products and awesome workshops in a one-stop shop.

we believe in starting.

Break down your task into the smallest, tiniest, teeny bit possible and start with that. Don’t think about the finish line today, just think about your next course of action. Only have one minute? That sounds just perfect. Start with that.

we believe in finishing what we start.

We get it. New habits and routines are a challenge to keep up with. That’s why it’s important to start small to curtail burnout. Take it a little bit at a time to ensure that you finish. And why rush to get to the end when this is your new normal?

we believe in simple.

For us, less choices equals happiness. Why spend oodles of time laboring over options when you could already be done? Plus, who doesn’t love more free time to do whatever you please?

we believe that structure equals freedom.

Planning rules, hands down. Planning saves time, money and that means less stress and anxiety (and that equals freedom in our book).

we believe music is one helluva motivator.

Turn it up and get busy doing whatever your heart desires. And please don’t worry that you’ll disturb the neighbors with your guilty pleasure music. Who knows, you just might inspire others with your newfound energy.

we believe in making room for you first, your stuff second.

If your well-being sucks (pardon our french), how are you going to take care of your house and family? When you make time for yourself, it’s a lot easier to take care of your world.

we believe that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be better.

“Perfection is the enemy of good.” — Voltaire. In other words, if you’re waiting for the conditions to be perfect to start, shit will never get done.

we believe accountability is So Much Better.

This belief really speaks for itself, no?

we believe you already have what you need.

All you need is you (and a really good playlist).

we believe a better life is a decluttered one.

we want to create a world in which folks constantly get the feeling that they’re winning at life (which happens when you can quickly maneuver through a streamlined inbox, efficient home entryway or creative project task list).

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