I was tickled pink when the DesignLoveFest crew reached out to us to lend a hand with Bri’s master closet. I mean, hello?! Have you seen this woman’s blog?! She rocks a killer style and she kinda wrote the book on how to ‘do you’ for your blog (which will now be a badass blog since she’s your coach and all). Anywho, after the DLF clan called me up, I was like O to the M to the G. And since no one closet (or client) is the same so for this Before and After, it worked like this;

  • First appointment to tour the space. Take measurements. Find out from Bri how much purging will be done (turns out, lots) and find out what the biggest challenges are (in her case; shoes, skirts and bags). The added element was utilizing products from Target since this was a sponsored post (but luckily we could add one or two items not from Target– like that sweet West Elm hamper that looks like it came directly from awesomeland, USA).
  • I then went home and looked at Target’s massive collection of containerizing products. Wowza. Lots to choose from. Based on the measurements and Bri’s style, I went with all white shelving, drawers and containers. Even the stool is white and fluffy (LOVE LOVE LOVE). Next, I made a very ‘not to scale’ drawing of how I envisioned Bri’s closet looking once it was all said and done. The drawing is a great road map for any project so you have an idea of where you want to go.
  • Next up; MAJOR PURGE SESSION. Bri got rid of about 9 bags of clothes. That basically rocked my world and allowed her to have a closet that works really well.
  • On Bri’s end, her team put together all the shelving units and drawers (thank god) because that stuff is just about as taxing as putting together IKEA.
  • Last session was putting all of the components into place. It changed a little bit from the initial drawing but having the diagram really helped me remember what we wanted to do while staying super flexible.

What do you guys think? Love it lots? Let me hear it!!!



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