For the most part, each month goes quicker than the last (which is apparently what happens as you get older). But sometimes life seems to stand still. Some easy examples are sitting in Los Angeles traffic or waiting at the doctor’s office. In those moments, there is so much anxiety about what is not happening (like cars moving) that it causes pain (and I don’t mean physical pain). I’m talking about that kind of excruciating torture that results from sitting in the car for over an hour while having to use the bathroom and being hangry all at the same time. The abundance of frustration is what seems to make time slow down and come to a halt.

And then there’s another type of annoyance that is akin to traffic jams, waiting rooms and the like and that my friend is wasted time. Yes, sitting in a tie-up can be seen as time wasted but unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done about it. I mean, there is but it would require you changing jobs or starting work at a different time or convincing your boss to let you work from home. There are ways to pass the time (thank god) but none of them are going to get you out of gridlocked freeways. Lucky for us, time is something you’re in control of–you get to decide if you’re going to run your day or let the day run all over you.

It is my belief that saving time starts with a plan–and no, it’s not that new fancy app or rad container that’s on sale. In the long run, those things may help save time but it’s kind of a shot in the dark. You know how Olympic athletes shave their bodies or wear clothing designed to shave milliseconds off their best time? If you or I shaved our arms to get a faster lap time, it probably wouldn’t work. We aren’t athletes and if anything, it would end up being an itchy road as our hair grew back. Same goes with the containers and fancy-pants apps. If there is no solid time management foundation, these tools are lost on most folks. They end up wasting more time and money which leads to further disappointment. Yes, I am also wondering why there isn’t a sexier phrase for time management. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

Well, here’s a big pile of you’re welcome as we roll into August. The Bneato Bar Pros and me have a fabulous month planned for you guys (I’m throwing proper grammar out the window #obvi). Things like, how to plan your best day and  how to figure out work-life balance are on the docket. We want to share with you our best TM secrets so that you can spend that extra time doing awesome things. And while some of it might get squandered away in traffic, you will have the satisfaction knowing that you beat the system. And that, my newest, dearest friend is how you win at life. Also, while you’re winning at life, you should also sign up for the Bneato Bar newsletter like yesterday. It’s kinda awesome.

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