good things to accumulate

Typically, my posts are all about encouraging you to downsize, be it your pillow collection or bottles under your bathroom sink. But today I thought I’d switch it up, and give you a list (albeit short…okay, very short) of things I encourage you to accumulate. As always, before writing a post, I like to do some background research […]

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are you a pen pal or card collector?

Stationary is one of those things that always catches my eye; be it at a bookstore, craft fair, or on someone’s fridge, I’m always tempted to lean in, admire the graphic and quirky text, and consider adding it to my collection (this includes begging a friend for a card her grandma sent her. I clearly […]

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organizing digital pics; part II

If organizing photos was tossed around like a phrase, it would be titled ‘complicated as fuc%$*&.’ I am not kidding. Remember how I had that appointment at The Genius Bar. Yea, that amounted to nada. I mean, I felt like I was plopped right inside an episode of “True Detective” (season 2). He was definitely speaking […]

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giving your shelf some style

If you’re like me, you’ve probably admired an aesthetically-skilled friend’s bookshelf: the beautiful color progression from reds through greens and blues of the books, the spurts of plants and carefully-curated doo-dads between the rows of books. I recently learned the name for this art form: “bookshelf styling.” Interested in giving your bookshelf a facelift? Here […]

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containers that care

We all know that one of the last steps in the organizing process is to containerize, riiiiight? And while the Bneato Bar team will always try to repurpose what a client already has, sometimes our clients prefer something new (nothing wrong with that)! We also encounter projects where there was no container to begin with […]

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the glove box clutter trap

In the first sentence of the definition of “glove compartment,” Wikipedia states, “often used for miscellaneous storage.” As someone who helps people unclutter their lives for a living, the phrase “miscellaneous storage” instantly sends up red flags. Unfortunately, Wikipedia hit the nail on the head, as most glove compartments no longer store people’s gloves (once worn […]

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the openers’ guide to used product leftovers

Last week I wrote about being an opener (link), specifically regarding my love of opening new bottles of beauty products. While I embrace this condition, being an opener means I’m also prone to “Opener Accumulation,” a term I’m coining for the tendency of openers to accumulate collections of half-used products no longer employed (#FutureMerriam-WebsterContributor). In […]

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let’s put a stop to unplanned shopping trips

This past Saturday was like any other Saturday; sorta planned and sorta not. Errands, maybe lunch out, a Genius Bar appointment—you know, the usual. Except this particular Saturday eve was extra special and out of the ordinary (for me at least). I mean, it’s not every day that I have dinner plans with a bonafide […]

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7 reasons to give up the paperback & get an e-reader

I’m a bibliophile. I’ve also been an avid e-reader user for the past 3 years. Here’s why I made the switch: I can carry a “bag-full of books” in one hand. I like reading multiple books at the same time; with an e-reader I can carry multiple books without weighing down my bag. I can […]

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organizing digital pics; part I

Organizing your digital photos is having a moment. I have gotten numerous inquiries over the past six months to help clients tame the photo beast (and have had to turn them away). I, myself, am a candidate for a good old fashioned photo organizing session as I have yet to figure out how to get photos […]

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