we believe in starting

I can’t tell you how many times I’m all like, “I’ll start ‘xyz’ the next time I have all day to complete it.” And then when that day comes, I’m a record on repeat.., “I’ll start the day after tomorrow because i’ll really have a lot of time to focus on this particular activity.” What […]

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making room for you first, your stuff second

You know how flight attendants instruct passengers, in the event of loss of cabin pressure, to put an oxygen mask on yourself before you try to help your children or other passengers? Yea, that’s kinda what we’re talking about today here on the blog. Less about the oxygen mask and and more about making room […]

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time management in a digital world

I’m one of those people that is really good at managing their time. I chalk it up to the fact that during my childhood, my mom was never late to anything. Ever. If anything, we were always early to events. I was that kid that got to school earlier than my teacher and would be […]

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bring it on August!

For the most part, each month goes quicker than the last (which is apparently what happens as you get older). But sometimes life seems to stand still. Some easy examples are sitting in Los Angeles traffic or waiting at the doctor’s office. In those moments, there is so much anxiety about what is not happening (like […]

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