You guys. You guys. Tomorrow I will have done seven workshops in the last few months. That might be a record for this gal right here. I was lucky enough to get called upon by the Creative Live folks up in San Francisco and taped two workshops (email decluttering and going kinda paperless). The cool thing about these two classes is they are super easy to follow and not your typical all-day snooze fest. We get in and out so you can start learning what you need to know to tackle your email inbox and your paper piles. The best part; the classes are affordable. Like you can’t afford not to buy them because the knowledge I drop is worth it (not tooting any horns here, just relaying some cold hard facts). You also get a resource page with my all-time favorite apps and productivity tools to make you, well, that much more productive. I’m so excited to be able to have a video that you can actually use at home to get yourself all kinds of organized. Here are the links to purchase Organize Your Email Inbox and Organize Your Paperwork.

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