If you’re like me, you’ve probably admired an aesthetically-skilled friend’s bookshelf: the beautiful color progression from reds through greens and blues of the books, the spurts of plants and carefully-curated doo-dads between the rows of books. I recently learned the name for this art form: “bookshelf styling.”

Interested in giving your bookshelf a facelift? Here are some places we recommend you look to for tips and visual inspiration:

Style by Emily Henderson. Her tips include:

  • stick to a color palette
  • vary your shapes and sizes
  • incorporate storage
  • mix up your stuff

Justina of The Jungalow offers these suggestions:

  • start from the bottom and work up, using the bottom shelves for things that need to be stored, but are also beautiful (like throw pillows).
  • organize books by size & color. Think about setting books horizontally on the shelf as well as vertically to add some variety.
  • use decorative objects like a shiny gold sculpture to add visual intrigue through shape and color.
  • remember the rule of 3 (groups of 3 make things visually pleasing).
  • consider baskets to contain those not-so pretty tid-bits you need to store.
  • don’t forget to add your fave art!

Want some visual inspiration? Also check out Cupcakes and Cashmere.

And our favorite tip? Less is more. Don’t over do it; consider cleansing your book collection and cutting down on the number of treasures from your travels (as least those on display), to leave space for each object to breath. We know, we know, easier said than done; but just think how awesome it would be for your bookshelf to be one of envy?

Image via Babes and Baubles.

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