The internet holds no shortage of tips & lists to manage a move for your own apartment or house, but statistically speaking, it’s more likely you know more people who need an extra set of hands then you find yourself packing up your own life. Offering to help a friend or family member move is an awesome way to spread joy and stock up some good karma for when you might want to save a few bucks yourself on your next big project. This list will help you maximize your brownie point potential and have a great time yourself the next time you offer to be the hired help.

What to bring when helping someone move:

  • Comfy clothes with pockets. When I have an entire day where it’s socially acceptable for me to wear yoga pants, I get really excited at first. Then, as I run around I yearn for a back pocket for my phone and chapstick. Learn from my mistakes and make sure you’ve got a storage space on your person for a couple essentials because it’s simply not realistic to have a purse or place near you all day to keep your things when you’re helping someone move.
  • Reusable water bottle. You’ll need to keep hydrated, but your host might not have thought to keep some glasses out of boxes. Plus, it’s so much more friendly and convenient than (at worst) a SOLO cup or (at best) a bunch of disposable water bottles.
  • An extra Sharpie (or twelve). On moving day, a good Sharpie is like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. While your friend starts to scramble for any sort of writing utensil and you whip one out and add “FRAGILE” on the box of wine glasses at a moment’s notice, they’ll look at you like you’re a chocolate river… in a good way.
  • Energy boosting snacks. Speaking of chocolate, you never know when you might need something to nosh on quick when you’re burning all that energy. It’s not likely there will be an Edible Arrangement waiting on top of every staircase you climb (although if you’re like me, you’ll be imagining there is) and you don’t want your friend feel bad if they haven’t thought to leave some snacks out for the day.
  • An extra packing tape dispenser. In your own toolbox or hardware drawer, you probably have one of these lying around. Bring it along and it will really help to have an extra for those boxes that might not have been as sturdy as the packer thought they were.
  • A roll of TP & hand sanitizer. Let’s be honest here, there can be a real predicament when everything – yes, even the toilet paper – is packed up in a box somewhere. By setting a roll of TP and hand sanitizer (because the towels will be packed, too) into the bathroom of the new place your friend is moving into, you won’t be left in a highly uncomfortable situation and your friend will think you’re the Sensei of moving and remember this small consideration for all future lives.
  • A good attitude. Your friend is likely a mixture of emotions between their major life change and the fact that the cable guy is somewhere on Mars. Even though you’re tired and sweaty, try to keep a smile on your face, make sure there’s always music playing somewhere and dole out plenty of high-fives. During your water breaks, repeat the mantra “fake it ‘til you make it” because eventually you will and your savvy preparation, consideration and smile will win way more points than your muscles. Enjoy the pizza and beer – you’ve earned it!

(image via huffington post)

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