People aren’t usually maliciously late. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to take our time getting ready and showing up fashionably late to a party. But usually, people are late because they don’t realize how long things take. Or, on the other hand, they understand the time it takes to get out the door but perhaps they don’t follow a regular routine in the morning. The irregularity of the non-routine results in always running 15 minutes behind. If you are perpetually late (and want to make it better) follow these guidelines:

Follow a routine; On paper, it sounds BORING. But I promise you, it’s the exact opposite. When you follow a routine, you often save yourself time which allows you to do something extra, something fun, something out of the blue. And on top of all that, you’re on freaking time (hallelujah!).

Know how long things take; For the next week, time yourself getting ready, washing the dishes, folding clothes, getting ready for bed. The more you know, the better you’ll be at putting together your schedule.

Get better at it; Think of yourself as an athlete getting ready in the morning. How can you shave off time? Perhaps there’s a faster way to put on make-up by using a tinted moisturizer. Now you’re saving time by only having to apply one thing and saving room by having a product that pulls a double.

Take a peek at our Instagram page today to see a Hyperlapse video of me cleaning up the kitchen. An 8 minute chore boiled down to under 2 minutes.

Bneato Bar TimeAbout this blog: Time. We don’t want it to be your ultimate enemy. That’s why each Monday we write about ways to save it. It’s no fountain of youth, but we think we’re getting close.

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