We’re talking wardrobe folks– capsule collection is a really fancy way to say I paired my sh$% down to 37 pieces of clothing that can mix and match with ease. I heard about if first from my friend Abby, who heard it from a blog called Unfancy. If everyone is talking about it, it’s worth looking into, right? Amiright?? Okay, since you are still waking up or just quiet, I’m going to tell you that i’m right and give you a little more backstory. I’m an organizer so I must be uber organized and have only what I need (I know I’m right in assuming you’re assuming this so I’m not going to even ask). And for the most part, that’s true. But my closet sitch was getting a little out of hand (not helped by the fact that the hubby and I share a closet and he has waaaaaay more clothes than me). Like, i’m thinking of begging him to let me make a quilt out of all his T-shirts because; A. He doesn’t wear them and B. He refuses to part with any of them–even the ones with so many holes it looks like a spider web instead of a T-shirt. And like most folks this is what happens when I go to get dressed;

  • I wear the same thing I wore the day before because I know it works, it is still clean, I like a good uniform and I feel good
  • Or, I go into my closet to try something new but I end up wearing the same thing I wore the day before (or something similar)
  • In addition, I have clothes that only fit me a few times a year because of weight fluctuation. Those clothes are a real bummer since I look at them 90% of the time and know that I can’t wear them. #notfun
  • Other times, I go into my closet and look at my options and I’m just like; yea, no, not today, maybe someday (but that someday never comes).


So I decided that I had had enough of looking at clothes that I just don’t wear. I had been dreaming of purging my clothes since last Fall but life got in the way and here we are. A couple weeks ago, Tess, one of my fav Bneato Bar Pro’s came over to help with the process. It is so darn helpful going through your stuff with someone else (and I’m not just saying that because I’m an organizer). It really is true. The process went super fast because she was helping me sort things into piles. When I had doubts or concerns, she was able to talk through decisions with me. It also felt like I was going through this process with honor (and yes, that could not sound any cheesier). Having someone to listen as I told stories about clothes as I let them go–it was like giving them one hell of a last hoorah or better yet, a goodbye party from my life. And don’t get me wrong, just because someone was there doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard. IT WAS. But, it makes it so much better. I purged four bags of clothes and shoes and took another suitcase worth of clothes and shoes to Crossroads Consignment (where I made sixty bucks– take that clothes that were just sittin around). I also archived a select few garments that were just so darn sentimental but that I never wore. I think there were three; and I’m only remembering one of them now (the shirt that I wore on my first date with Adam). Even organizers have a heart when it comes to stuff.


I know that most of the capsule wardrobe experts will say to now go shopping (since you have nothing left) and make sure that you can mix and match and all that good stuff. But since I kept basically what I wear almost everyday, it all goes together really well. It’s essentially a few pairs of jeans, some fancy and medium fancy tops and a couple pairs of crazy pants that make my collection not feel so boring. I also kept some fun shoes that take a plain top and jeans to another level. My last piece of advice is to make you the accessory. If you’re wearing the same thing a bunch you can change it up by wearing your hair differently or trying out a bold lip or going super bright and bold with your nail polish. It’s similar to how the decorating world is all like; keep your expensive pieces neutral and change it up with your curtains, pillows and inexpensive accessories. Ya feel me?





  1. Marcia at Organising Queen August 23, 2015 at 9:16 am

    Inspiring!!! I tried the capsule but I decided halfway through that the numbers just made me twitch – so I asked “does this spark joy?” and while I ended up with more than the 33/37/40 items, it’s working for me.

  2. Beth Zeigler August 23, 2015 at 9:18 am

    Marcia– I am so glad you used the capsule to inspire you but created your own rules that work for you. That’s the best of both worlds because you’re more apt to keep it up if it is customized for your situation; BRAVO!!

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