I love mail. This is no secret. BUT junk mail can seriously su#$ it. I’m serious. It clogs my inbox to the point of overwhelm and frustration. Most of it from someone in Zimbabwe or Russia selling me anything related to that three letter word… (sex). Yes, I said it. This blog is no longer PG-13. In the publishing of this post, it will have graduated to rated R. #justkidding. You guys can handle it (In reality, I can’t… I’m the one with the conservative mouth). But I digress. Let’s get back to how to create a filter in Gmail. In Apple Mail, they’re called ‘Rules’ and in Gmail, they’re called ‘Filters.’ They do the same darn thing but there’s just a different way to set it up because Gmail is different #obvi. So sit back, tune in for about a minute (your brain can handle it) and learn something new.

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