I am not the sentimental type when it comes to keeping stuff. I digitized most of my memorabilia before our move to NYC and have felt all lighter for it. And then I had a BABY. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be overly sentimental about keeping the little one’s clothes. But man are her digs cute. For starters, the clothes are teeny and adorable and oh my goodness how SMALL. And once they grow out of them, you’re like OMG how did they ever fit in that (even though they were swimming in it at first). I’m almost five months in and it’s been a process to say the least. Here’s what I know (and what I don’t) to try and help you navigate these baby waters and ultimately not become a baby clothes hoarder. 

  1. Accept hand-me-downs. My husband’s step-sister mailed us newborn footed onesies that our babe lived in for the first month. We got such good use out of them and wanted to pass them along to another couple that was having a girl a few months after us. When you get for free you feel compelled to pass along for free. People call this paying it forward, no?! DO IT!
  2. Join one or two online mom’s groups in your area and buy second-hand. I cannot tell you how many mommies ARE great about getting rid of baby clothes. Clothes are posted ALL THE TIME to the forums. Not only is buying used affordable, they are usually in pretty great condition. I mean, the little tyke was not wearing them for years on end (most likely just a month or two before growing out of the threads). In the end, you can tell yourself, “Hey! Why do I need to keep all these baby clothes?! I can get more if I need them again.”
  3. You can’t predict the future Will you have another child? Maayyyybe. Will it be another girl? I have NO IDEA. What season will they be born? Who knows! Since you cannot predict the future, you may not get use out of the clothes despite your best efforts. I would refer you back to the first two tips – you can always get baby clothes again at no cost or little cost. 
  4. Make a baby book But what about all the memories associated with the clothes?? Keeping memorabilia in the form of clothes creates clutter. First of all, when your LO (little one) outgrows their clothes, you aren’t going to house the outgrown threads in the dresser. They get sent packing to a box where no one sees them again. DO NOT DO THIS. Instead, make a baby book. Or edit a video of your babies first year. This way, you can showcase all of these clothes while reminiscing. Besides, it’s fun to tap your inner art student and go down memory lane. You don’t need a dusty old box filled with old baby clothes to get on this train. I PROMISE!
  5. Make some moola Even though I protested, our parents gave us some really nice baby clothes. I mean, I might have been like, “Do not spend a lot of money on baby clothes BUT IF YOU DO, I need XYZ.” Luckily, adorable clothes don’t have to be expensive but the price paid may prevent you from parting with them. Unfortunately, expensive has come to mean keep, no matter what (which is just plain silly). The money HAS BEEN SPENT. There’s no getting it back… SIKE. You can consign baby clothes. Then you can get a credit and shop for more baby clothes! OR just pocket that cash and put it towards school OR diapers. 
  6. Donate them to those in need Having a baby is hard enough– making sure the baby has the essentials shouldn’t be. There’s a lot of momma’s out there that don’t have the means to buy baby clothes and diapers. While the new love of your life doesn’t need a lot, there are some basics that they can’t go without. In our town, Baby2Baby is the perfect spot to unload clothes. Think about it: Does your heart feel more complete knowing you’re giving to a great cause or stockpiling clothes that will most-likely not be worn again. You know what to dooooooo.

I’d love to know if these tips helped you? What are some things that help you not be a baby clothes hoarder? 

Also, post inspired by new (and awesome) momma, Reika!!!!

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