Happy freaking Friday people, happy freaking Friday. I hope everyone was working for the weekend because it is finally here. Since it is the day of the week where most of us are rejoicing, we decided to send you into it with a big ‘ole gif. I say gif, you say jif, it’s all the same, right? Right! Yesterday, Julia (new Bneato Bar Pro in training) helped me upgrade my ‘lil medicine cabinet. And while it’s small, it packs a big punch. A couple years ago, I did a DIY in this same bathroom (found here). At the time, I magnetized the inside of the medicine cabinet — I explain why in the video. Now I’ve really made you curious and you’ll go watch… (my trick has worked as my shoulders bob up and down and I weirdly say, “muhahahahhaha”). So yes, Julia and I refreshed the medicine cabinet yesterday. Here’s what we did so you can rinse and repeat at home;

  • Took everything out (everything)
  • Washed it all down. For the hard to remove yuck that builds up because it’s the bathroom and all, we brought in the big guns of a Magic Eraser.
  • Painted (the face of the shelves a melon pink and painted the magnetized board so it now blends in seamlessly).
  • Purged (old mascaras, old lipsticks, broken compacts, extra eyelash curler, extra nail clippers, anything covered with a lot of guck, etc.)
  • Purchased new toothbrush holders (the old ones were extra grody).
  • Purchased new toothbrushes (same story).
  • Washed all the old containers (same story).
  • Put it all back in an organized fashion.

I hope you enjoy our gif as much as we enjoyed making it.


P.S. TGIF (Get it? I know you do!!)

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