Summer moves are a hot, HOT business – in both popularity and temperature. To help you fight the crowds, the heat, and the potential insanity of your summer move, here are a few ideas that will put a bit of ease in your schedule, space in your budget and peace in your mind.

Easy Scheduling:

Don’t underestimate the amount of time a summer move will take. The last thing you want to do is work your bum off for 12 hours straight because “it must get done today!”. To avoid this, pre-plan how long it’ll take you to do each room in the house and check in with the time to have a more accurate idea. Spread out your packing tasks over a few days or weeks. And finally, leave a bit of a cushion just in case!

Money Savers: 

Move on an “off” day. Since weekends and the last days of the month are the most popular times to move, moving service prices rise. To avoid paying steep amounts, move on the weekdays or mid-month.

Hunt for pre-used boxes. Since supposedly 90% of moves happen over the summer, there are A LOT of boxes floating around town that are just dying for a second (or third or fourth) use. Do a little digging and find out which of your friends or colleagues are moving right before you. Free boxes!!

If you’re working with a moving company, prepare as many boxes as possible before the movers arrive day-of. This will save you a lot of time of money!

Heat Protectors:

  1. Protect yourself from overheating. Wear light clothes, drink plenty of water and stay out of harsh sunlight. Since the doors will likely to propped open all day, air conditioners won’t be as effective, so consider utilizing some fans.
  2. Make sure children and pets have a cool and shaded place to safely play or hang out during the move. Pre-plan care for them so that you will be focused on the task at hand.
  3. Items that are likely to melt, such as cosmetics, candles or food items should NOT go in the moving truck. Make a list of boxes that will go in the air-conditioned car with you for extra protection.

Bneato’d Moving:

  1. To avoid wasting time lugging items you don’t need to your new home, purge as much as possible before you move. Donate, recycle or give items to friends. You’ll thank yourself later.
  2. Have Ziplocs on hand for small screws, furniture parts and wires that you come across while packing. Label the Ziploc with the item the bag belongs to and keep the Ziplocs together for easy retrieval.  
  3. Create a plan for where items will live in the new home before you pack. Label the boxes with the box contents, corresponding room and designated home (ie. cabinet left of kitchen sink). That way, the unpacking process will be much more efficient.

Happy moving! :)

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