I love mail. As a child, I could spot an invite and distinguish junk mail from a mile away. I’d gotten it into my head that those who received mail were people of importance (that is, adults). Now that I’m firmly in my adult years, not much has changed. It’s a daily habit to check for mail when I pass the box (even when I know that delivery isn’t until late afternoon). And although I romanticize the correspondence part of mail, bills get the same treatment. Staying on top of finances and bills is my nod to being responsible, one of those adult traits I so admired as a child.

On the other hand, my fiance, Adam hates opening the mail. He might tackle it once a month (if I’m lucky). Until then, it collects in a teeter-totter sort of pile in the dining room. He says it’s because it’s only bills and nothing fun to open. And to that, I say, why not just go paperless with your bills?? His response: “I just haven’t gotten around to it.” I find it fascinating that Adam goes out of his way to avoid the mail. Not because it brings up feelings of obligation and responsibility–I mean, that makes sense. It’s the fact that he could make it magically disappear by going paperless but he refuses to make the time to do it.

“A stitch in time saves nine” is an English proverb that I like to bring up every now and again. It seems to be the perfect phrase when I champion Adam to open the mail (or take precautionary steps to whittle it down). If he were to spend a few hours (if that) going paperless and creating a system to deal with online bill-paying, he wouldn’t have to dodge the mail and spend an entire afternoon playing catch-up. And worse, sometimes paying things late because they get lost in the shuffle. So here’s your homework (if you’re like Adam)

    • Gather your mail that has been piling up
    • Open it up
    • Toss, shred, recycle, repeat
    • Make a list of all the bills you can go paperless with
    • Go paperless, set up automatic billing
    • Use a password app like 1 Password to keep your info at the ready
    • Download Paper Karma and kiss junk mail goodbye

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