Organizing your digital photos is having a moment. I have gotten numerous inquiries over the past six months to help clients tame the photo beast (and have had to turn them away). I, myself, am a candidate for a good old fashioned photo organizing session as I have yet to figure out how to get photos off my phone and onto my Dropbox account.  And yes, there are organizers that just help clients with their photos. Yep. There is an association called APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers).

My current sitch is this: I have pics on my iPhone 6, my Dropbox, the Photos app on my laptop, Google Photos, Shutterfly and Flickr (not to mention the hard copies of photos that I’m now classifying as vintage). The physical photos seem a little easier to deal with since I can easily scan them into my computer and drag them to Dropbox but the organization of the digital ones still eludes me.

So what’s a gal to do? (I kinda feel like Starlee Kine from ‘The Mystery Show‘ podcast; I’m on a mission to solve the unsolvable). The first stop is Apple’s Genius Bar. I have an appointment this Saturday which will hopefully shed some much needed light on my situation. And if you have an iPhone and a Mac computer, you are probably in the same situation as me; lots of photos and no structure or know-how on how to deal with them.  So please, follow along as I attempt to uncover the digital photo organizing matrix…

Next up…. Organizing Digital Pics, Part II



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