Those of you who know us well know that we preach the gospel of “Less is More” and we mean it. However, for city dwellers that live in small apartments and even home owners in Los Angeles (aka the land without basements), necessary storage is hard to come by. And sometimes, even if you’re living the decluttered life, just a few extra feet of space can go a long way.

That’s why we wanted to try out MakeSpace – a service that helps create, as they say, ‘your closet in the cloud.’ MakeSpace is appealing because a) even the smallest storage units can be expensive and b) you don’t have to waste time going to and from a storage unit — and we love saving time. Plus, when we reached out to them, they were generous enough to let us test-drive the process on the house so we could let you know about it.

Since it’s already been super-warm in LA (sorry to rub it in, New England) we’re ready to pack up some of our winter seasonal items. As such, we’re calling this box our “Spring Came Early to LA” box. Here’s how it went down:

As you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Shipping the boxes is free/included into the monthly price. That’s pretty impressive considering how large the boxes are. (Once I had to ship a single lampshade across the country and it cost eighty dollars just because the size of the box… UPS and I were not friends that day.) And now it feels great having that extra room in our closet for the things we’ll actually be using over the next several months.

Overall, we think MakeSpace is a pretty handy and affordable service for your smaller storage needs like seasonal items or your special mementos. If you’d like to try MakeSpace out yourself, we have a nifty code for you to try it out and get your first month (worth $25) free: BNEATOBAR25. The code will be active until May 31, 2015 so add it to your To-Do list this week!

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