Here in Los Angeles we spend a lot of time in our cars. With Angelino’s spending an average of 60 hours a year in their car, these little automotive machines have become our second homes.

During traffic jams or between appointments, my car has seen a whole lot of meals, dance parties and naps. With that much time spent in one space, I’ve taken a few stabs at creating the comforts of home within this tiny space. With a bit of trial and error, here is what I’ve determined is necessary to prepare your car for the utmost comfort.

In Case You…

1. Look A Mess – I keep a cosmetic bag in my car at all times with all those “extras.” I don’t use it frequently, but I’ve definitely been grateful on particularly hectic and hot days when I need to a little touch-up to make me feel like myself. It includes everything from bobby pins, mints, wet wipes, mascara, lotion, etc.

2. Have Down Time – I like to keep a book in my car for killing time. Plus, if I’m feeling impulsive and want to go read at the park or beach, I’ve got the necessary tools on hand.

3. Go From Work to Play – I’ve gone to happy hours feeling under or over dressed before because I’ve come straight from work. Now I try to keep a neutral dress, blazer, and heels in my trunk in case I have an impromptu change of dress code.

4. Spend The Night – With friends and family sprinkled within a 1-hour radius of home, and a persistent tendency to fall asleep mid-movie, I’ve made some precautionary steps to sleep away from home in style. I keep a toothbrush, face wipes, and a pair of pajamas in my trunk in case I’m away from home during a good snooze.

5. Are Phoneless – Having a dead phone and no charger can stir up as much panic as the apocalypse. Keeping a notebook with written phone numbers (SO old school!) and a traditional map could do you some good if you’re unfortunate enough to have your phone stolen (eek!) or slipped on bringing your charger (tisk tisk!).

7. You Get Hungry – This one may be obvious, but it’s something that has changed my life! I keep water and almonds in my trunk as an emergency “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow (or McDonalds)” moments. It’s really helped me keep my cool when I’m stuck in traffic right around dinnertime.

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(image source: The Frosted Petticoat)

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