Sara Lov is one of those gals that is kinda amazing at just about everything (she’s also a killer story teller to boot). So when the Bneato Bar crew rolled up to her house to lend a hand in her adorable kitchen where she makes Lov Snacks, we all noticed her vitamin storage / regimen combo action (so smart). And since the blog is on a health kick this week, I reached out to Sara to share her vitamin system that is totally in line with the Bneato Bar style; simple but effective. Thank you Sara for making music, inviting folks over every week to do yoga and being a rad designer. Apparently this is also an open love letter to you because, well, I dig you. Okay, let’s kill the awkward vibe I just created and dig into Sara’s vitamin regimen.

I’ve always been big into vitamins.   My acupuncturist put it to me like this… if you were making a dress, and didn’t use the best fabric, thread and buttons, your dress may easily fall apart.  Our bodies are the same.  Our cells are constantly regenerating and rebuilding.  They will use whatever materials are available to do so. 

I eat a mostly healthy and clean diet but I believe that even so, getting everything my body needs is difficult.  Unfortunately, we live in world where much of our food is depleted.  I demand so much from my body that I like to be sure I’m giving it every opportunity to repair itself.  Food, sleep, exercise and– you guessed it– vitamins all play a crucial part in my bodily well-being.

Whether you take 3 or 20 vitamins a day, nobody wants to open and close all those jars on a busy morning. So, about once a month, I sit at my dining room table, put on a really great podcast, and go about dividing them up into daily packets.  I’ve been doing this for years and it works!  I use the tiny ziplocs from Uline, they come in various sizes; it’s about $14 for 1000 of them which should last a couple years! Each morning, I grab a pack and have it with breakfast or take it to go. As for storing the actual vitamin bottles, I keep them right next to my fridge in this wonderful thin wire cart that I can pull out for easy access.

Maintaining a vitamin regimen is like everything else in my life– if there isn’t a system in place to make it easy I won’t keep up with it.

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  1. Monica Leed September 17, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    I love this strategy. I’m definitely adopting it. Pill boxes are too bulky and I’ve been looking for a more efficient system. Lov it!

  2. Tim Husom September 17, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    so awesome. I use the little zip locks too thanks to you! – Tim

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