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Creativity and efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, when we’re living the decluttered life, we are less distracted by the things that don’t matter and we have more time and energy to be inventive and create winning ideas. In other words, structure equals freedom. Let us help your team find the freedom to do the things that you do best. We can’t wait to help you win at work.

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About Bneato Bar At-Work Services

In keeping with the philosophy of less is more, we offer four signature services that are a gateway to a decluttered life.
Each decluttering service is one hour, and is a one-on-one, personalized experience between each employees and a Bneato Bar Pro.
During your phone consultation, we’ll come up with the best plan to address your needs and make your office life so much better.

Kinda Paperless

If your team is struggling with physical files and paperwork, we’ll help you kick the habit and embrace all things digital. By working one-on-one, we can create a realistic action plan that will save time, money and trees.

Naked Inbox

Email doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be the biggest chore of the day. In one hour, we can transform an inbox for anyone buried in email clutter.

Happy Desk

Alongside your employee, we go through their work area with our space decluttering techniques. The result is a desk and person with better focus and more positive energy.

Planning Party

This one-on-one service will save a boatload of time and money compared to boring corporate seminars. We offer time management skills and game plans based on each employee’s unique needs and methods.

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