You guys. I don’t even know where to begin. This past year has been such a ride and in the words of The Carpenters, “We’ve only just begun.” This time last year, I was just getting back from the most amazing Nicaraguan vacation and Bneato Bar was in its infancy. I remember fondly brainstorming ideas with my beau at the time (who has since become my fiancé). It was still called Bneato back then – the name of my former organizing business. For the past year, I have been working with clients during the day and coming home at night and working on what is now Bneato Bar. Luckily, I have had a ton of help from friends & family, an ‘almost partner’ and HUB Xcelerate here in Los Angeles. I could not have accomplished any of it on my own because I need about a boatload of accountability for follow-through (shocker, right?). Luckily, my soon-to-be betrothed has allowed me to work crazy hours. For the most part, he’d prefer my butt parked next to his to watch old movies and hang-out but he understands that I am on a mission.

The reason Bneato Bar was born is the fact that there is currently no affordable way for folks to receive decluttering help. Sure, there are self-help books, apps and organizing reality shows that are low to no cost but the accountability and one-on-one aspect is pretty much non-existent from these ‘get organized’ avenues. I get tons of calls every year from folks who desperately need help streamlining their inbox, paperwork and home but cannot pay for the at-home luxury service. I had also reached a point in my organizing career where I was getting sick of the word organizing (or at least how it was being used). It had come to mean perfectly placed containers on perfect shelves to contain stuff that wasn’t really needed or used. Trust me, it’s way easier to buy a container for your stuff than it is to get rid of it, but I wanted to inspire people to live a more simple life while giving practical ways to do it. I wanted to help every person who reaches out live the best version of their life possible.

Since discovering the Professional Organizing profession, I have been dying to create a world where folks could get personalized decluttering help in a retail setting. The first incarnation of this was my paper organizing bootcamp. The Los Angeles community attended these workshops and together we created simple but effective filing systems within an hour. The price was absolutely doable and it allowed me to help of a lot of people at once. I had toyed with the idea of creating a pop-up shop so that Bneato could be stationed in one place for a month to allow even more folks the opportunity to get decluttered. Finally, it’s happening.

The website is brand new and we have a new logo and all that good stuff (which I am so thrilled about). The goal for the next few months is to get the word out about the new Bneato Bar. We have also expanded our At-Home decluttering services and we’re gearing up for our first pop-up shop in September (sign up here while there are still spots left!). And for our final acrobatic feat, we are opening up a retail store in Los Angeles in 2015. And when I say retail store, I really mean showroom. There aren’t going to be oodles of products for you to choose from – there will only be the best of the best (because they work). You won’t waste time laboring over what shoe organizer you should buy because there won’t be 20 billion options to choose from. And we’ll have a whole team of Bneato Bar Pros available when you ask, “would I like this or that?” who will tell you “that!” without anxiety or stress.

I am a huge believer in having a streamlined and efficient home because when you can find exactly what you need (when you need it) you feel like you’re winning at life. I told someone recently, I want to sell sighs of relief– and that’s what we’re setting out to do.



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