Let’s get this out there from the get go: packing is a pain in the ass. It doesn’t matter if you’re super organized or a chaotic mess, moving is exhausting, expensive, and a time-drainer. But there is one incredible upside of moving: it’s a great excuse to go through everything you own and dispense of that stuff you forgot you had, or wish no longer existed in your life. I’m talking about the inflatable canoe in your hallway closet and the leotard from your failed ballet class still hanging on a hook in the laundry room.

One of the top questions we receive is whether to begin the purging process before or after a move. The answer: before! BEFORE! Odds are there’s probably some stuff you’ll wanna get rid of once you settle into the new place as well. Getting rid of your no longer loved belongings pre-move means less stuff to put in a box = less stuff to carry to the truck = less stuff to unload = less stuff to unpack and find a new resting spot for in the new place. Simple. There’s no bummer like the one you feel when you open boxes full of items you don’t want, and have to find new hiding places for. Let the joy of unpacking be found through opening boxes of things that bring you happiness.

Still not convinced? Let me paint you a picture: after graduating from school, I hauled not 1, but 2 dressers 500 miles to Los Angeles, put them in a storage unit while I waited for my new lease to start, and then hauled them again from the storage place to my new apartment a week later. Guess what? Neither one fit in my new place. Then, guess what? It took me 2 weeks to sell them on Craigslist. I spent so much physical labor, time and money on these furniture pieces to get rid of them as soon as I settled into my new home! Ridiculous.

It’s not the Bneato Bar motto for nothing: decluttering your life creates time, space, and joy. Learn from my moving disaster: have that garage sale now and create an appointment for that donation pick up before the move.

Want some Bneato Bar tricks of the moving trade?

Here are some of our fave moving hacks:

  • Don’t know how to pack those antique glasses safely? There’s a YouTube video for that. Just be warned: they’re usually created by moving companies that don’t quite have our swagger, but they know their facts. Just type “how to pack a box of _______” into the YouTube search box and you’ll find your answer.
  • Wanna avoid the cardboard boxes and packing tape? Try Rent a Green Box. Save money and the environment, and make clean up a breeze!
  • Worried you’re gonna forget to change your voter registration and cancel the cable box? Sparefoot offers an 8-week-out to moving-day checklist to keep you on track.
  • And finally, if you really need to get your booty in gear but your self-motivation has gone missing , hire a pro to get it all done. We were thrilled to be included in Sparefoot’s list, Top 10 Best L.A. Professional Organizers. #sweet

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