What do you do first thing in the morning? Stretch like a ballerina? Open your blinds and look up at that fresh new sunlight? Sing a song to the birds?

Let’s get real, most of us do the same thing first thing in the morning. We reach over to our bedside table, grab our phones, and gaze into that dreamy screen…. That’s right we’ve all become drones! Whether it’s checking the weather, looking at the traffic report, updating our twitter feed, or checking our email, most of us plug into our digital lives before we plug into our physical ones. This is where I have say it, STOP!!!

Our digital devices are tools that are supposed to enhance our lives, not dictate them. The danger in relying on them regularly, especially first thing in the morning, is that the temptation to get sucked into a digital rabbit hole is real. It’s so easy to jump on your device to check one itty-bitty thing and to get swept away by links, tweets, texts, bleeps, blouts (just kidding).

I speak from experience. I used to suffer from morning device drone syndrome (MDDS) myself. For the last few months I’ve made my mornings more intentional, quiet and thoughtful, and I’ve been so much more happy! I make some coffee, read my current book, make some breakfast, and physically prep for my day. By the time my brain is awake, I’ve created more of a mental roadmap for my day. This means that when I do pick up my phone, I’m in the right headspace to be intentional with my digital choices. (which means I won’t waste 15 minutes laughing at a Buzzfeed article about 90s fashion when I should be prepping for my day.)

So here’s your challenge: Unplug from your digital life by stowing your devices away during a time when you typically mindlessly use them. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, at your lunch break, or right before bed, this time can be your golden hour of “ME” time. Let me know if you experience a difference in your focus, energy and joy!

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About this blog: Joy. We want your life to be full of it. That’s why each Friday at Bneato Bar we write about ways to add more of it to your life. At the end of the day, it’s why we do what we do.

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