Picnic supplies–-whatcha packin’? More importantly, whatcha savin’ after the party is over and the coleslaw is done?

One of the most common items I run across when I’m helping clients organize their kitchens is extra picnic supplies. You know the type: brightly patterned paper plates, red Solo cups and an assortment of disposable “silverware.” I’ve come across multitudes of these collections (okay, multitudes might be a *little* overdramatic), and I always hear the same reason for why these items are being saved: for the next party! People, they’re disposable for a reason.

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to pull out the three leftover Thomas the Tank Engine plates, combine them with the four clear plastic Chinet plates, some forks left over from takeout last month and those blue spoons from Thanksgiving and call it a party. When we throw parties we put some thought into it, and those leftover supplies from the last three parties are not included.

Today I’m calling you out. Yes, you. Give yourself some much-needed storage space and ditch the leftover disposables.

Can’t stand the thought of letting the leftover cake plates go in the trash? Then consider always sticking to neutral colors for your disposable flatware. It will seem less of a mismatch when you grab an assortment for the next get together in the park. But if you decide to keep your leftovers you have to use them or lose them. Promise?

Does it make you cringe to throw away unused non-recyclable partyware? Me too. Try biodegradable! There are lots of options out there and they come in fun designs (think those red and white striped paper straws all the hipster restuarant are using). My favorite? Bamboo plates and silverware; it’s fun and compostable.

So clear out that cabinet or shelf of picnics and parties past, and start fresh next summer.



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