If you’ve watched TLC in the last decade, odds are you’ve seen at least one couponer and their stockpile (thank you, The Learning Channel, for teaching us about storing bulk items). While not everyone is quite as extreme in their stockpiling habits as Mama June of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo #couponqueen, many of us tend to buy at least some things in bulk, and while we applaud our cost saving endeavors, we rarely consider the negative consequences of our stockpiling. Here are some of the pros and cons:

Pros of Stockpiling and Buying in Bulk:

  • In theory, you’ll never run out.
  • You probably are saving at least a few pennies, if not dollars.
  • In a natural disaster hits (or zombie apocalypse), you’ll have plenty of Chef Boyardee to ride out the storm.
  • Avoid last minute shopping.

Cons of Stockpiling and Buying in Bulk:

  • Expiration dates (such as on bulk ibuprofen) may beat you to the punch before you have time to use them all up.
  • Lack of space. Stockpiling takes up real estate, literally. How many square feet are you willing to sacrifice for TP? Are you paying the rent for you, or your stockpile?
  • Forgetting what you have. Ever see a deal, think you’re out of the thing on sale, buy it, then get home to find you already have plenty of that item? Yeah, me too.
  • Lose of interest. I have A.D.D. when it comes to products and food. If I buy in bulk, I tend to get bored of the product before I’ve used my inventory.
  • Spending more money now = less money for fun now. Stockpiling can be an investment. Choosing to buy $50 worth of paper towels may mean you can’t go to the movies this month.

Take a few minutes to assess your stockpile and bulk buying habits, and consider if its a positive or negative part of your lifestyle.

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