Are you a tupperware ninja? I’m not. #ProfessionalOrganizersAreMessyToo

If only I opened my kitchen drawer and it was a tupperware party versus a tupperware search party. The reality of the situation is that I inevitably end up taking at least half of my tupperware out while searching for the appropriate lid for the desired container. I decided I would use this blog as an opportunity to research strategies for avoiding the hassle that is my tupperware drawer. But before I started, I just had to know: where did the name tupperware come from? Answer: the dude that invented it was named Earl Silas Tupper. Obviously you would name one of the most used storage devices found in American kitchens after yourself.

Before you start make sure all your bases have lids and recycle those that don’t have a mate. There’s no use keeping something that doesn’t serve it’s purpose anymore.

STRATEGY #1: organize those lids

Store your lids upright in a row so you can see all your lids at once. Some people use an upright paper sorter inside the drawer and use the slots to stand lids vertically making it easy for lids to stay tidy in a row.












image via Listoic.

STRATEGY #2: drawer dividers

Now this only works if you have tupperware of similar shapes that vary in depth (which is actually very common). Divide the drawer into sections based on your standard tupperware sizes. Place lids below with their matching bottoms on top and sort by size. You can purchase expandable drawer dividers if you don’t have a table saw lying around to create sections.












Image via The Kitchn.

STRATEGY #3: better together

If you’re a minimalist (hey girl, hey!) and have limited amounts of tupperware, keep it simple and match lids with bases as soon as they go into the cupboard. Yes, they will take up more space stored this way, but if you don’t have a ton of stuff in your kitchen to begin with, it’s not a problem (or maybe it will encourage you to get rid of that kitchenware excess, just sayin’).












Image via Organize with Sandy.

So what did I go with? Strategy 3, better together. I’m not a chef, or much of a leftover person, so I don’t have much tupperware (once I got rid of those without mates) to store. How about you?

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