Virtual Services

Don’t live in LA? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered. In keeping with the philosophy of less is more, we offer three signature Virtual Services that are a gateway to a decluttered life. Whether it’s your stuff, paper or email, we can work together to make your life So Much Better – wherever it may be.

Ready for your new decluttered life? Drop us a note and let’s start chatting.

About Bneato Bar Virtual Services

Our Virtual Services are designed to help individuals who reside outside of the Bneato Bar service area in Los Angeles. Each session is 40-60 minutes, working over phone or Google Hangouts to solve whatever clutter issues you’re experiencing in your home or office.

House Proud

You provide photos of your space, we give recommendations, space decluttering techniques and a written action plan specific to your needs.

Kinda Paperless

You prepare a banker’s box worth of paper to get into shape, we give guidance and simple steps over a Google Hangout for a kinda paperless lifestyle.

Naked Inbox

You share your screen over a Google Hangout, we do an email inbox walkthrough, take a sampling of emails and create a new way to process them so email never stresses you out again.

Enough Chit-Chat. Let’s do this.

Virtual Services are low in cost and commitment but high in reward. Send us a note and let’s make it happen.

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