This post was initially going to be about some tried and true fitness apps (after all, Monday’s are our days to talk time management). And while I know there are health conscious apps that folks love, I (for one) have never used a fitness app. Actually, I take that back. I did try My Fitness Pal and another one that my Nutrition Group recommended. They both were super complicated (for me) and I gave up after a day of trying.

Basically, I have a love/hate relationship with apps. On the one hand, I value apps and recommend my faves all the time (Evernote, File This, Shoeboxed, etc.). But on the other hand, they can be a slippery slope. Switching from one app to the next, hoping that the newest of the bunch is the answer to your to-do list getting done… To illustrate this further, here’s a scenario that often repeats in my world. A friend or acquaintance will lose weight and someone will inevitably ask, “how did you do it.” Okay, so it’s me doing the asking. I am curious that maybe there’s something that I haven’t heard about–some new trick to lose weight quickly. If it worked for someone else, who knows, it might work for me?

But here’s the thing, no trendy diet or fitness app has ever helped me lose weight. Are apps helpful? Absolutely! They can offer accountability and motivation and lots of other things I can’t think of right now. Most of the time, it’s really about keeping it simple. A great example of keeping it really simple came out of a House Tour I did for Apartment Therapy eons ago (I used to be one of the LA contributors back in 2008 for about two years). It’s crazy to me that this one thing still sticks out from the many pics we took. It really was the simplest thing: Jeremy (the owner of the home we featured) had a tiny piece of paper taped up on the wall in his bedroom. For each day of the week, he would write down what days he worked out. For him, it was the act of writing and marking up the paper that reflected a lot of hard work and accumulated accomplishments. An empty page by the end of many weeks was eventually filled up with his handwriting.

We often think that in order for a system to work, the solution has to be new, cool, have many steps, etc. But sometimes, it’s the system that is the most straightforward and uncomplicated that works the best.

Bneato Bar TimeAbout this blog: Time. We don’t want it to be your ultimate enemy. That’s why each Monday we write about ways to save it. It’s no fountain of youth, but we think we’re getting close.

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