“It perhaps seems a bit extravagant to invite somebody to help you declutter; unlike getting a haircut or going to the doctor, we tend to think that one shouldn’t need help doing something as simple as organizing. Well how often does disorganization prevent you from doing things that do matter to you? Bneato Bar is part helper, part therapist, part collaborator. Worth a try for sure!”–Alice Lin, Imagination Foundation

“The service, Naked Inbox, was great. It was personable and tailored to my current inbox situation. The advice given resonated with me and caused me to actively implement the tools and tips recommended to improve my habits. I’m improving, no doubt about it!” — Brett Crowley

“Bneato Bar helped me get out of the stone age and get decluttered in a straightforward, easy to understand approach. Letting go of old habits is tough but the Pros really help ease that transition.”– Jehan Hindo, Hardtack Creative

“The growing number of emails in my inbox had become overwhelming and caused me major anxiety. Being able to sit down with someone who could walk me through the step-by-step process of decluttering my inbox was incredibly helpful. Seeing the number in my inbox drop made me feel so good! I feel confident that I can maintain the low number of emails in my inbox by using the tools I learned from my Bneato Bar Pro.”–Anne Madariaga, VP of Production Ovation TV

Bneato Bar has transformed how we work on a daily basis. [Our Pro] transformed our kitchen, our office and our catering warehouse. The newly organized spaces have made us more productive on every level. We know how well stocked we are and can find everything immediately. [They] worked quickly and more importantly understood all of our strengths and weaknesses to help improve our over all business. I cannot recommend Bneato Bar more highly.” – Lisa Feinstein / Provisions Catering

“For the last month my email has been managed for the first time in over a decade. The advice and tools given by Bneato Bar are clear, easy to apply, manageable, practical and custom enough to my lifestyle to truly meet my needs. I genuinely enjoyed working with my Pro and am grateful for the change they are catalyzing in my life to open space for more clarity and order – and through it, more creativity. Thank you!!!–Zofia Kostyrko-Edwards, Creative Director Dezign Skape

“Working with Bneato Bar has been a life-changing experience for me. I have been frustrated most of my adult life with being disorganized. Owning my own business and being involved with so many activities & organizations, I’ve always seemed to have ongoing projects strewn throughout the house, making me feel overwhelmed and anxious. Even when I took the time to “straighten up,” nothing stayed in its place for long because I lacked a system. That’s where Bneato Bar comes in! [My Pro was] sweet, kind and non-judgmental. I would have been embarrassed to show anyone else my mess, but she always made me feel comfortable enough to open up. Step by step, she helped me weed out unnecessary items that were cluttering my space, and then she helped me organize and systematize what remained. She helped me with bookshelves, files, my desk and even my closet! She also gave me great time-management ideas to help me stay on top of my busy schedule. I am truly grateful to Bneato Bar for making such a big difference in my life.” – Elaine Miller / All About You Wellness BootCamp

“Bneato Bar is a lifesaver! I was completely overwhelmed with my email, and I really didn’t think it was possible to get it under control, but Bneato Bar’s email decluttering service showed me a way out. I feel so much better! Now, I have a system to deal with my email, instead of just praying and hoping that I remember everything. I just can’t stop looking at my nice, clean inbox!”– Tracy W.

“After taking Bneato Bar’s Inbox Zero workshop, I’m breezing through my email inbox and to-do list on my way to maximum productivity.”– Cory Stout, Captain of

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