I’ve seen more than my fair share of closets (if there is such a thing), and from this, I have formulated a very scientific analysis of what your hangers say about your personality and lifestyle. #ScientistInMySpareTime

Types of Hangers and What Your Type Says About You

Plastic Hangers: You’ve grown up with plastic, and these hangers are usually the most readily available at the store when you need more. You’re a person of habit and convenience when it comes to hanging your clothes.

Wire Hangers from the Dry Cleaners: You’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to waste switching out the wire hangers when you come back from the dry cleaners. You’re a person of priorities, and hangers ain’t one of them.

Hangers from the Store that Came with the Clothes: You’re not one to pass up on a free hanger, or free anything for that matter. Besides, the designer intended the piece to be hung on the hanger from the store, right? Right???

Wood Hangers: You’re a minimalist. You probably care more about your clothes being hung up properly than stuffing as many items into your closet as possible. Why? Because wood hangers take up more space than other types of hangers. By choosing wood, you are choosing to hang less, meaning you probably own less.

Padded hangers: You’re a person of fun and extravagance, and want to treat your clothes as luxuriously as you treat yourself. Why not add a touch of color and glamour to the closet?

Thin, No-Slip Velvety Hangers: You probably hang a lot, and are prone to stuffing as many things in the closet as possible. You choose no-slip hangers so your sleeves won’t fall off your dress while you try to slide you’re most recent purchase onto the poll. It is also probable that you live in a home with very little storage space, perhaps having to–gasp!!!–share a closet with another person. In this situation, the hanger is a necessity in order to hang as much in as possible in your tight space

Change is Possible. 

Do you really like what your hangers say about you as a person? Is it time for a change? It is possible. Consider a closet cleanse (have you read our article about the Time Capsule Collection?). Think about color. Having a mismatch of colored hangers may be drawing your eyes subconsciously away from looking at your clothes in the AM and choosing an outfit. Think space. Is there anything you can fold and place on a shelf or in a drawer? Do you need to hang your wool peacoat up all year round? Think directionally. Having all your clothes face the same direction (with neck holes all facing left, for example) will make it easier to identify clothing (especially graphic t’s) faster, saving you time.

Here’s a fun trick: Use your hangers to figure out what you never wear by hanging all your clothes with the loop of the hanger facing towards the back of the closet (yes, this will make it trickier to take your clothes out). Once you’ve worn the piece of clothing, hang it back normally (with the loop facing outwards). Give yourself a set amount of time (such as a month), and check back in on your defined day and see what remains hung backwards. Those are the pieces you should consider donating. #HangersForTheWin

So tell me, what type of person are you, and are you making a change?

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