Ah. The garage. I like to think of the garage as one big closet (at least in Los Angeles). You see, it’s rare that folks in SoCal use their garage to park their car. I like to think that it’s because the weather is fabulous most of the year so our automobiles don’t need the extra protection. But most of the time it’s because there’s just too much stuff. More than likely, if you have a garage, it’s cray. Even if you can park your car in the garage, it’s probably cray. Again, because a garage is like one big closet there’s a higher probability for things to get out of control (aka cray). Like the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” And since we can just close the garage door, it affords us the luxury of not having to look at the chaos, therefore, it stays this way.

Some likely categories stored in this space are tools, holiday decor and archive items such as taxes or memorabilia. The garage is also home to eventual donations. It’s a stepping stone in the decision making process for a lot of people. For example, you’re going through your home and purging items but there’s just some stuff you don’t want to get rid of. Nor do you want it living in the house, so to the garage it goes. Listen, I get it. Decisions are hard. There’s no going back once you get rid of something. On the other hand, what’s the worst that could happen. If the item is not good enough to live in the house anymore, I would venture to say that it’s also not fit for the garage. I feel a mantra coming on. How about, “What’s unfavorable to the house goes double for the garage.” Or “The garage doesn’t want your home’s sloppy seconds.” Okay, now you go! Give me your best in the comment section.

Even if your goal is to never use the garage for its intended purpose (ahem, parking the car) it’s wise to keep it decluttered. Why you ask? Because all that stuff weighs us down. Even if we don’t see it everyday, in the back of our mind, we know it’s all just sitting in there. ‘Cleaning out the garage’ is on all of our mental to-do lists (which sucks). Plus, it just takes up extra space in our head that could be going towards more productive things… like finally trying out a ballet class or signing up for those golf lessons. So try this on the next time you are postponing a decision by putting those boxes of books, CDs or VHS tapes in the garage instead of taking them straight to Goodwill. Repeat one of my garage mantras OR come up with your own. Because, let’s face it, mine are terrible (but inspiring, no)?!

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