Imagine your home and office with only clear desktops and counters, and NO paper piles gathering dust. Doesn’t that sound marvelous? Sure, most of us have a filing cabinet of some sort where we archive long-term paperwork, but what about fresh off the press items? Mail, bills, memos, ongoing projects… there is a lot of paperwork to juggle on a daily basis. To keep these papers flowing into your home or office with the least amount of effort, you need one VERY important thing.

Introducing the Active Filing System! This isn’t as scary as it sounds, I promise. Basically, this desktop or wall mounted landing spot is the best way to contain and organize your “active” files until they’re ready to be discarded or filed away in your more long-term system. These papers are things that you need access to regularly or need to “process” in the near future.

Here are some examples of folders in a “Active Filing System.”

To Process – This folder is for bills that need to be paid, memos that need to be read, or any other item that needs to be addressed. This file is meant to be referenced daily or every other day, and items are to be moved out of this folder regularly.

To File – This folder is for paperwork that needs to go in a long-term filing cabinet in the near future. Personally, I much rather collect 10-15 pieces of paper and file them all at once, so I created this folder to be my landing spot for all these papers that will move into their permanent resting spot.

To Reference – This folder is for ongoing projects that you need access to, information you need on hand, etc.

Other ideas for Active File Folders:

  • If you are in school: Research
  • If you have kids: Kid’s School
  • If you are renovating your home: Home Renovation

Just remember that what you have on your desk should be items that you will be accessing regularly or in the near future. If you won’t be looking at the piece of paper for a long time, get it out of there!!

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