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At-Home Services

Going through years of clutter on your own isn’t easy. Hire a pro that guides you through the process. We specialize in kitchens, closets, home offices and, well, pretty much any space that’s stressing you out.

At-Work Services

Have us come to your office and we’ll help you and your employees with the backlog of email and paperwork, while increasing efficiency and raising morale along the way. Basically, you can’t afford not to hire us.

Virtual Services

For those outside of our service area in Los Angeles, we can still help you kick clutter to the curb. Our Virtual Services help you take control of your stuff, paper and email all from the comfort of your computer screen.

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what your hangers say about you

I’ve seen more than my fair share of closets (if there is such a thing), and from this, I have formulated a very scientific analysis of what your hangers say about your personality and lifestyle. #ScientistInMySpareTime Types of Hangers and What Your Type Says About You Plastic Hangers: You’ve grown up with plastic, and these hangers are usually the most […]

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gifting the kid

My niece’s birthday is next month. She’s turning five. By this time of year I’ve usually purchased her gift (I can’t resist a good toy store when I’m playing tourist). But five years in, the object-based gifts are getting a little boring, and with so many loving aunts, uncles, cousins and good family friends, it’s difficult to guess […]

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the tupperware [search] party

Are you a tupperware ninja? I’m not. #ProfessionalOrganizersAreMessyToo If only I opened my kitchen drawer and it was a tupperware party versus a tupperware search party. The reality of the situation is that I inevitably end up taking at least half of my tupperware out while searching for the appropriate lid for the desired container. […]

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