Bneato Bar’s roots began in 2005, when Founder Beth Penn was managing the front house of her local salon and was recognized by a regular salon client for her natural inclination to set systems and declutter the salon. Loving the ethos of living a simple life and helping others simplify theirs, Beth took the client’s compliment to heart, and began working as a professional organizer, founding her own professional organizing business, Bneato Bar, in 2006. Ten years later, Bneato Bar is thriving, the company’s clients range from corporations looking for big-picture time management solutions to the busy individual simply flooded with email, paper, and stuff.

Beth has been recognized by her peers for her innovative ideas and nominated three times at the Organizing Awards for Most Innovative Organizer. Always interested in broadening Bneato Bar’s reach, Beth developed a series of organizing boot camps, group classes offering decluttering tips and tools for folks at a more affordable price than typical in-home services. Warm and personal, the bootcamp sessions became a huge hit, and inspired Beth to test out a first-of-its-kind retail concept: a chic and friendly storefront where anyone could come for affordable, personal decluttering services with a pro. The Bneato Bar pop-up shop happened in Fall 2014 and has become an exciting second chapter in the Bneato Bar story. Recognizing the organizing challenges that come in the digital age, Beth has expanded Bneato Bar’s scope of services to include naked inbox (email decluttering) and kind of paperless (digitizing paperwork and bills). She is currently interested in the minimalist lifestyle phenomena and how to bring these tools to future clients.

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